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Our precision series surface grinders are manufactured with high-grade FC-30 or Meehanite castings, properly aged and hand scraped for long lasting precision and reliability. From the manual hand feed surface grinder to the large capacity double column bridge-type surface grinder with automatic or CNC controls, there is a Kent grinder to match your surface grinding need. With 30 years and over 10,000 sets sold in the USA, Kent surface grinders are well proven worldwide. Kent USA offers:

Kent USA Grinders

Manual Hand Feed Grinders

Kent USA offers a quality line of Manual Hand Feed Grinders with sturdy construction, robust design, and high durability. These reliable machines have small footprints and are affordable and easy to operate, with little heat distortion and low noise. Kent USA Manual Hand Feed Grinders come in work capacities of 6″ x 18″ to 10″ x 20″ and up to 3 HP of spindle motor.

If your application requires larger capacities and prefer automatic operation of up to 34″ x 128″ and 15 HP of spindle motor, please see our wider range of Automatic Feed Grinders. For our largest size grinders of up to 78″ x 800″, please see our Double Column Grinders.

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Automatic Feed Grinders

With the Kent USA Automatic Feed Grinders, you can get a lot of power for your buck. Known for dimensional accuracy, these machines come equipped with 3-axis automatic movement with incremental down-feed, electronic auto-crossfeed, and proportional valve hydraulic powered table movement. They also feature a full-featured electronic control with glass-scale closed loop feedback on Z-axis. Kent USA Automatic Feed Grinders come in work capacities of up to 34″ x 128″ and 15 HP of spindle motor.

If your application requires larger capacities, please see our wider range of  up to 78″ x 800″ Double Column Grinders.

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Double Column Grinders

The Kent USA Double Column, fixed-beam Grinders feature wide extended tables for grinding medium to large parts. With the work capacity ranging to 78” x 800”, this line is suitable for endless grinding options. These powerful machines offer 3-axis automatic movement with incremental down-feed, electronic auto-crossfeed, high tensile precision GB350 Meehanite castings, and precision hand-scrapped double V turcite table ways for smooth and long-lasting precision. Kent USA Double Column Grinders come in sizes of up to 78″ x 800″.

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Cylindrical and Centerless Grinders

For high-volume production runs and generating rapid rounding and accuracy, Kent USA features a line of Cylindrical & Centerless Grinders. The machines in this collection allow for very tight dimensions and roundness tolerance controls. With grinding wheels sizes ranging from 12”-20” and 7.5-20 HP, Kent USA has the right grinder to round out your workpieces that are up to 2’’ in diameter. The Cylindrical & Centerless Grinders possess a compact design for minimum use of the shop floor space. They come equipped with a hydraulic dresser for both the grinding and regulating wheels that ensures smooth and evenly-trued wheels and a quick, hassle-free setup.

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Knife Grinder

Kent USA offers a series of Knife Grinders with high quality cast iron construction and large work capacities. These grinders feature fine grinding by variable speed motor to optimize grinding of high-speed steel knives or carbide knives. Dual coarse and fine grinding wheels allow for grinding efficiency and fine finish.

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Tool and Cutter Grinders

The Kent USA Tool & Cutter Grinders line offer precision and reliability and are perfect for sharpening milling cutters and tool bits as well as other cutting tools. These machines are engineered for maximum accuracy and minimal downtime.

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