CNC Knee Mills with G2 Control Create a Popular Line of Tattoo Machines

Jun 29, 2021
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By now most of us are aware that tattooing involves some measure of skill, creativity and talent.  But creating the tattoo artist’s instrument can be a matter of artistry, as well.

Based in Independence, MO, former Air Force machinist and welder-turned-tattoo-machine-manufacturing expert Dan Kubin finds a handy companion in the ACU-RITE G2 control.  This CNC Knee Mill helps him to keep up with demand. Until recently, he has been manually designing and developing his tattoo machines.  These machines are made with mostly brass and copper.  Kubin has a variety of machine designs with much custom work and design revisions that stunt his ability to engage his creativity fully and efficiently.  Since owning his own ACU-RITE G2-equipped knee mill, he has had the freedom to act upon his ideas right at his shop—with time saved. A new part is simple:  draw in CAD, upload the DXF file, then set the cutting depths and the paths on his 2-axis knee mill.  Kubin also makes use of the W-axis in addition to the X, Y, and Z. This allows him to move his knee up and down, controlling the W-axis. The zero never changes as the control compensates for it, eliminating the need for it to be re-set.

ACU-RITE G2 CNC Programming Advantage

The ACU-RITE G2 control has been saving Kubin time and money. Rapid prototyping comes much more easily with the ability to store programs of complex designs on the control. Any revisions and creative changes can be done more quickly without having to restart the entire process. Once the prototype is perfected, the volume production is then jobbed-out to a local machine shop.  With tattoo machines selling-out practically the day he makes them available online, Kubin needs every advantage to keep up with the demand.  He says he will soon be making use of ACU-RITE’s training courses to expand his capabilities through the many more G2 features that he has yet to discover.

Images courtesy of @dankubin on Instagram.

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