Easy to Learn Industry Standard CNC Knee Mill

Sep 11, 2017

Kent USA’s industry-leading CNC knee mill with the Acu-Rite MILLPWRG2 control brings powerful CNC capabilities to the tool room with easy-to-learn conversational programming and advanced canned cycles to empower everyone on the shop floor with greater productivity.


Why a CNC Knee Mill?

  •      Walk-up manual/DRO or simple CNC operation
  •      Machine pockets, islands, contours, and bolt holes easily
  •      Reduce set up time and machining errors
  •      Better parts and finishes with less tooling requirements
  •      Improve the capability and productivity of your existing people

This versatile system can be operated manually like a full-function DRO with intelligent power feeds, or automatically with easy-to-use conversational shop floor programming for full CNC operations. Additionally, you can import and run G-code files from CAD/CAM programs. This enables you to machine full 3D contoured parts.


User Friendly—Save Valuable Time

Standardized menus make it easy to program common features; simply press any function key and follow the prompts. Use MILLPWRG2 for arcs, blends and circles in any size, shape or pattern your print requires. There is no need to set up rotary tables or other devices.

MILLPWRG2 also includes an engrave option for engraving alphanumeric characters vertically, horizontally, diagonally or along an arc.

Save time with the skew feature, which enables the user to set up a workpiece without perfectly aligning it along the X and Y-axes. MILLPWRG2 will compensate for the angle offset from start to finish.

The teach position feature allows the operator to use a tool, electronic Edge Finder or indicator to create a program from an existing part.


Shop-Tough—Dependable and Durable

Every MILLPWRG2 system includes components that have been designed, manufactured and tested to withstand the elements of contamination found in even the harshest machine shop environment.

From the durable operator console to the hardened ballscrews and powerful DC servo motors, the components of each system are protected with die-cast metal enclosures, sealed keypads and interlocking lipseals to further protect from metal chips and other contaminants.



Fingertip Functionality—Programmable Set Up

Tool: Program tools by diameter, length, type, direction and speed

Position/Drill: Drill, bore and position

Rectangles: Pocket, frame, face and slot

Lines: Defined by from” and “to” points or by angles

Circles: Pocket, frame, ring and helix

Arcs: Defined by “from” and “to” points or by sweep, center or 3-points

Hole Patterns: Full/partial circles, linear row/column, frame & array

Blends: Insert a corner radius between two lines, two arcs or lines and arcs

USB Connectivity—Front & Back: Loading and off-loading programs and importing data via USB are now a plug-and-play convenience with USB ports located on both front and back of the new G2 control system with mouse and keyboard support.

3D Graphics System—Improves Efficiency & Accuracy

Intuitive navigation menus eliminate the need for multiple screens.

Program cycles using a simple, easy-to-understand set of machinist language prompts are accompanied by content-specific “help” graphics. Here is a step-by-step look at the new G2 graphical interface, as a simple bolt hole circle and pocket are entered.



3D Graphics System for Improved Efficiency and Accuracy

  All programs begin with the tool. Parameters are entered in the middle column and are graphically supported in the right column for each field.
 Select a cycle to be created. In this case, a circular bolt hole pattern. Once the data has been entered into the form, press the “USE” key.
 Create a second cycle. Add a circular pocket that is mapped in real time within the “help” graphic screen.
 Tool paths are also displayed in 3D graphics that can be rotated and manipulated. The program is ready to run. Simply press “GO.”

From Sketches to Program to Finished Parts—in Minutes!

Bring a brainstorming session to life with simple features that reduce programming time.   DXF file input allows the operator to import part geometry directly from a CAD file. After the DXF file has been loaded, save on MILLPWRG2’s large internal memory, USB or on your PC (via Ethernet) for easy retrieval later on.

The primary benefit is saving time and increased productivity. The addition of a readout system on any machine allows for reduced scrap due to the elimination of measuring inaccuracies.

Aside from the elimination of positioning problems, there are other operator-oriented benefits. For example, there is no longer a need to do paper-and-pencil calculations for offsets or other dimensions that may not appear on the drawing since exact positioning is displayed on the DRO.

With optional spindle control, you can automatically control your spindle’s speed and/or direction on milling machines that are equipped with an electronic variable speed spindle.


The New Industry Standard

These Kent USA CNC knee mills are the new industry standard for ease of use, machining flexibility, and reliable performance. They are well-suited for tool rooms and job shops, from prototyping or one-offs to small and medium production runs.

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