Kent USA to showcase Rize 3D Printer at Aerodef 2018

Feb 20, 2018

Kent Industrial USA, Inc., serving our customers since 1979, providing conventional and CNC machine tool equipment and serving the aerospace and defense industries, is proud to offer the RizeTM One 3D printer, debuting at the Aerodef Manufacturing Tradeshow on March 27-28, 2018 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

This breakthrough 3D printer is the first to combine two new and innovative, discreet technologies: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and high-speed Piezo jetting that can achieve incredibly fast open-and-close cycles that eject fluids onto a substrate.


Parts sustainably produced by Rize One have the highest isotropic strength and are twice as strong as ABSplus and even stronger than polycarbonate and carbon fiber-reinforced parts in the Z-axis. Parts produced by Rize are watertight, have a high HDT, can be sterilized and provide chemical resistance to alcohol, acetone, acid and more.


The patented Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) process in these 3D printers enable multi-material printing, with minimal post processing using safe, non-toxic and recyclable materials. APD involves the simultaneous extrusion of a proprietary compound of engineering and medical-grade thermoplastic and jetting functional inks wherever they are needed to change the material properties of the thermoplastic at the voxel level. This enables the printer to jet its Release One ink between the support material and the part for fast, easy, clean and safe support removal with your hands immediately after printing and Marking Ink for 3D printing detailed text and images in and on parts.

For the most affordable and sustainable production of replacement and custom tooling, fixtures, jigs and end-use parts, Rize One combines strength, safety security and speed to get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently.




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It’s fast and efficient.

Produces a part up to 100% faster than other systems

The only near zero post-processing 3D printer that minimizes support removal

Pays for itself in months in post-processing labor, materials and equipment cost savings

Advanced software allows you automatically 3D print imperfect files, taking you from file to part quickly and easily


Industrial Class

Rize One produces watertight, isotropic parts stronger than polycarbonate and 2X stronger than ABSplus

Parts have high HDT and can be sterilized

Parts have high chemical resistance

You can build multiple parts simultaneously

Prints 3D high-definition text and images in and on parts


Office and Field Safe

Rize One is completely office-safe with no harmful particle emissions and no messy or toxic post-processing

All materials used in the Rize One 3D printing process are safe and recyclable

Fits well in your office without any special accommodations or disposal requirements




The Rize One 3D printer advantage:

  • Speed time to market
  • Cut costs
  • Streamline operations
  • Reduce defects during manufacturing
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of production
  • Improve designs




The materials this printer uses in its Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) 3D printing process is completely safe to use in the office without any special venting, disposal equipment or gloves and are environmentally friendly.


Rizium One

The Rize One 3D printer uses a proprietary compound of engineering and medical-grade thermoplastic, producing watertight, isotropic parts stronger than polycarbonate, carbon fiber and nylon-reinforced parts and is twice as strong as ABSplus. Parts produced with Rizium One have a high HDT and can be sterilized and have a high chemical resistance, including alcohol, acetone and acid.


Release One

Jetted between the part and its support structure, Release One is a repelling ink that releases the bond between the part and the support structure, making support removal faster and safer than any other 3D printing process.


Marking Ink

Enables 3D printed text and images in and on parts.



Producing (CAD) Computer Aided Design files can be very tedious and time-consuming and many engineers end-up purchasing file-fixing software help fix and tweak their CAD files. But even those programs require additional time and skills to produce a 3D printable file.


The Rize software makes this as easy as clicking “Print.” The Rize software automatically identifies and resolves problems in the imported 3D file, such as incomplete surfaces or mismatching surface boundaries. And because the Rize slicer can tolerate imperfect 3D files, you can 3D print them with unprecedented speed and ease. Rize makes it easy for you to 3D print files you created in the software programs you use the most.


With the Rize software, you can:

  • Insert, orient and scale your part
  • View your part from any angle
  • Automatically create the support structure for your part
  • Examine extruder paths, as desired, using a variety of highly detailed print preview options
  • Then, simply press “Print.”


A truly industrial-grade system, Rize One meets the most demanding and unique requirements of aerospace and defense engineers who need to produce usable replacement parts and tools in just a few hours, whenever and wherever they’re needed. Contact Kent Industrial USA, Inc. and learn why organizations like NASA, the US Army and US Navy are Rize 3D printer customers.



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