Machine Tool Technology Programs are More Successful with the Right Equipment

Jul 01, 2022
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Given the ongoing skilled labor shortage, everyone knows the importance of machine tool technology training. That need will only grow as more manufacturing returns to the United States. And yet, many vocational-technical schools have outdated equipment. Updating manual lathes, mills, and grinders is an excellent place to start, but how many educational facilities have modern CNC equipment? What’s more, how many can afford it? That’s why machine tool technology programs must be equipped with high-quality, cost-effective machinery, preferably from the same manufacturer.

Machine Tool Technology Basics


It’s a big ask, we know. So why is it so important? For starters, it’s better for the students. When all of the equipment in a Machine Tool Technology program comes from a single builder, young people can more easily move from the grinder to the lathe, the lathe to the mill, and so on. The controls are familiar, as is the documentation. Similarly, lesson plans are simpler to construct. And if maintenance is required, one technician can take care of all the different machines in a single visit. There’s less time lost, less hassle, and less expense.

Consider a Starter Pack

Another reason to partner with a single machine tool builder is investment cost. Kent USA, for example, can work with your school board to develop a machinery starter pack. Maybe this year, the Machine Tool Technology department will replace all of its tired equipment with some KTM-3VK Knee Mills and TRL-1340/V Manual Precision Lathes, each known for their heavy-duty construction and extreme accuracy.

Kent-USA-KLS-1840N-CNC-Economy-Lathe-OpenBudget permitting, perhaps they’ll move on to the CNC machinery next, easing into it with one of Kent’s CNC Economy Teach Lathes or going full in with a KVR-series machining center. They might also decide to begin an EDM program for the tool and die industry with one of Kent’s Wire Cut or Sinker EDMs. In each case, Kent stands ready to offer competitive equipment packages with these and other high-quality machine tools and maintenance contracts to keep everything in tip-top shape.

Oopsies Happen

This last part is especially important. Let’s face it, students are tough on equipment. Schools need robust machine tools, mills, and lathes able to take the proverbial licking and keep on ticking. And when that new kid who’s a video game master but doesn’t know a drill bit from a broomstick has a really bad day, what then? That’s why schools need skilled service people available at a moment’s notice, something we also deliver. Do the math and you’ll see that Kent brings all this and more to the classroom. And that’s the best lesson of all.

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