Manual Oil Country Lathes

Kent USA’s line of Oil Country Lathes has the mass, power, and precision to machine heavy-duty jobs. Ideal for turning large workpieces in the oil field industry, these powerful machines can easily accommodate large diameter turning and threading applications. The large swing can be applied to big steel rollers, large diameter flanges, long shafts of ships, etc. Kent USA Oil Country Lathes are offered with capacities between 55″ x 80″ to 100″ x 480″ and up to 21″ of spindle bore.

ModelSwing Over BedWidth Of BedDistance Between Centers
MD-55 Series55"32”80"~320"
MD-63 Series70"52"120"~480"
MD-70 Series70"52"120"~480"
MD-80 Series80"52"120"~480"
MD-100 Series100"52"120"~480"

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