• 10 HP spindle motor, #50 taper spindle, 55” x 32” hardened and ground table top
  • Precision ACME screws in X, Y, & Z axes
  • X, Y, & Z axes driven by AC motor
  • Compact operation panel
  • Meehanite® casting, with built in coolant reservoir in machine base
  • Coolant system
  • Centralized automatic lubrication

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Specification KBM-8520
Table Size 55” x 32”
T-Slots 20 mm x 7
Maximum Loading 4,400 lbs
Height From Ground 37”
XYZ Axis Travel 78.7” x 55" x 47"
Distance Between Spindle Center to Working Table 0-55”
Distance Between Spindle Nose to Table Center 12-60”
X, Y, & Z 12 Steps Cutting Speed 28-875/23-730 mm/min
Z 12 Steps Boring Speed 0.028-0.875/0.023-0.73 mm/rev.
X, Y, & Z Rapid Speed 2800/2400 mm/min
Spindle Motor 10HP x 4P(6P)
Spindle Changing Speed 45-1500(30-1000) RPM
Spindle Taper NT-50BT
Spindle Cycle Lubrication Motor 0.2kw x4P
Centralized Lubrication Motor 25w
Auto Feed Gear Box Motor 1.2kw x4P
Cutting Coolant Motor 0.1kw x4P
Transmission Motor 1.5kw x4P
Machine Net Weight 10,500 kgs
Floor Space Requirement 177" x 173"


Standard Accessories

  • Hydraulic pump
  • Lubrication system (for 3 axes guide ways)
  • Adjusting tools kit
  • Linear scales & display
  • Air clamping device
  • Tapping

Optional Accessories

  • Index Table (manual) 800×800(mm)x360D
  • Y-axis Travel 1700mm (KBM-8520)
  • Z-axis Travel 1400mm


Title: Kent USA KBM-W Brochure 2019-R

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