Teach Lathe: Programming Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Nov 16, 2020
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Let’s face it: some part features are a real bear to cut on a manual lathe. Single-point threads. Spheres and large radii. Tapers and barbed hose ends and oddly-shaped ports. These are a few of the everyday requirements that will send most jobs to the CNC turning department. That is, unless you have a teach lathe.

Kent USA Acu-Rite TurnPwr for Lathes

The Terrific Teach Lathe

What’s that? A teach lathe? You don’t even like teaching your dog new tricks. That’s okay, teach lathes are a lot smarter than Fido, even if they can’t fetch or roll over. Teach lathes are just like regular lathes except for one thing: you can run one in manual mode, or full auto, or mix and match the two. And thanks to Kent USA’s use of the Acu-Rite TURNPWR control on its CSM-1440 lathe, doing so has become much easier.

Tons of Features

Chances are, you already have an Acu-Rite or two around the shop. With more than a million of them out there, they’ve become synonymous with DRO. Yet Acu-Rite has upped the game with its TURNPWR. Yes, you can still use it as a DRO, but it also operates as a full-blown CNC. There are automated threading and roughing cycles. The LINE, ARC, and BLEND functions make programming child’s play. And the 3D graphics are more fun to watch than a football game (well, almost).

Don’t Forget the Iron

And yet, even the most high-tech of lathes is worthless if you can’t hold tolerances and remove metal efficiently. Here again, Kent USA doesn’t disappoint. The CSM-1440 boasts induction hardened and ground ways, oversized ballscrews, and precision-ground gearing. A 7.5 HP Fagor servo spindle motor provides all the power needed for heavy cuts, while electronic handwheels make the cranking effortless. All in all, the CSM-1440 teach lathe with Acu-Rite TURNPWR control will be your newest best friend, no matter what you turn. Maybe it’s time to learn some new tricks.

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