Kentucky Community & Technical College and KENT USA®: Precision Machining Program Training

May 10, 2023
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The Gateway Kentucky Community & Technical College in Florence, KY is one of the 16 colleges working to bring better lives to all Kentuckians as a part of the Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS).  KCTCS offers a plethora of workforce-ready education & training programs statewide. Established in 1960, SKCTC aims to:

  • Elevate educational attainment in the Commonwealth through KCTCS as the accessible, affordable, and relevant choice.
  • Increase access and success, particularly for underserved students.
  • Foster clear pathways and experiential learning for employment outcomes.
  • Enhance student support, and engagement, and align programs with employer needs for graduate employability and career development.

The Gateway KCTC recently KENT USA® machines for their Computerized Manufacturing & Machining (CMM) program. The CMM program aims to produce workforce-ready machinists who are familiar with both conventional and CNC machines and have a good grasp of how production facilities making precision parts, tool and die facilities, operate.

KCTC Powered by KENT USA®

Gateway Kentucky Community & Technical College recently acquired a KENT USA® WSI-200 Electrical Discharge Machine, which will be used to provide hands-on training to students enrolled in the college’s manufacturing program. To ensure that instructors are fully trained on the use and maintenance of the machine, KENT USA® dispatched a seasoned Technical Support Engineer to provide thorough setup and training. Additionally, they have recently acquired two KGS-818AH surface grinders.


During the setup, our engineer worked with the college’s staff to ensure the machine was properly installed and calibrated. Instructors were provided with a comprehensive overview of the machine’s features, including controls, to ensure their understanding of its operation. 

Following the completion of the setup, our engineer conducted thorough training sessions for the instructors, covering the machine’s capabilities, safe operation, and efficiency. The training comprised a comprehensive demonstration of the machine’s functionality, accompanied by hands-on practice for each instructor, ensuring their comfort and proficiency in operating the machine.


Gateway of Future Machinists

Acquiring KENT USA® machine tool equipment always comes with our entire team having your back post-sale. The reliability and precision of our machines are supplemented by our experienced sales and support engineers who are here to ensure that customers get to maximize the use of our equipment. After this training and support visit, the KCTC’s CMM program faculty have gained confidence in their ability to teach EDM machining with their newly acquired WSI-200 EDM. This valuable addition to the machining program opens up numerous opportunities for KCTC students to acquire essential practical experience and thrive in the ever-growing manufacturing industry. The persistent demand for skilled machinists indicates a promising future. Whether students pursue careers as machine operators, tool and die makers, mold makers, quality inspectors, machine assemblers, machine tool designers, CNC programmers, field service representatives, or machinists, KCTC ensures their readiness for employment.

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