Manual Knee Mills

Kent USA Manual Knee Mills are affordable, versatile, and easy to operate. Our manual knee mills are ideal for prototype, tool room and R&D work, as well as part of training programs and everyday machining. You will be able to perform practically any milling operation on a knee mill. This includes angled cuts and drilling and the cutting and drilling of long workpieces. They are also great for fixtures, rework, and one-of-a-kind components. Our KTM-3VKF, KTM-3VSF, KTM-4VKF-E, KTM-5VKF-E and KTM-5AVKF models have spindle motors with AC-Frequency drive.

Industry Leading Knee Mills

At IMTS 1992, Kent USA showcased the first AC-Frequency drive head on a knee mill to the general machine tool public. This caught our competitors by surprise and generated a lot of interest—well actually more from our competitors than shop users at the time. We are the first to put in a digital RPM display for easy and precise spindle speed adjustment. Also, we are the first to put in an analog spindle load meter. Today, we lead this field with the highest performance AC-Frequency drive head on the market with 0-4500 rpm in under 3 seconds. We use the latest generation of flux-vector inverter drives made in the USA—for performance that is second to none. An optional high-speed head with 6000 rpm spindle is also available—again, a first in its class. Some lead, others follow.

Factory installed CNC knee mills are also available for higher precision and higher volume production.