Starting a Machine Shop? It’s Not as Hard as You Might Think

Most machinists with a few years under their belt have at least toyed with the idea of starting a machine shop. It’s a lot to think about. It’s also a bit scary. Where will you get the money? How about...

Down to the Wire: Think Wire EDM is Only for Tool and Die? Think again.

Cut thin to win. That’s what my uncle used to say. He was talking about the card game Cribbage, not wire EDM, yet the adage holds true either way. That’s because Wire EDM (WEDM) uses ultra-thin wire from 0.1 to...

Things You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Sinker EDM

A Few Of The Things You Always Wanted To Know About Sinker EDM But Were Afraid To Ask... Sinker EDM is an improbable machining process. It relies on high-voltage electrical current to remove material, so there’s no direct contact between...

Top 3 In-Demand EDMs of 2021

We've had a surge of orders for EDMs since the beginning of 2021! Most of our customers love us for our other lines of conventional and CNC machines. Our relatively smaller (but growing) set of EDM fans also love us for our: Proven and trusted...

Sinker EDM: Burning Where No EDM Has Burned Before

Sinker EDM: Burning Where No EDM Has Burned Before Sinker EDM is a seemingly magical process. For example, what other machining technology can cut square internal corners, deep ribs and pockets, and paper-thin slots, all using a simple chunk of...

Eroding Confidence: Wire EDM Is Easier Than You Think

Do you send work out to wire EDM houses? For instance, close tolerance through-holes? Narrow slots and keyways? Long, complex part profiles, or micro-sized cutouts? These are just a few examples of the parts and part features where wire EDM shines....

Compact and Cost-Effective EDM from Kent USA

Compact and cost-effective, the WSi-200 electric discharge machine boasts high-precision mold machining with special sixth axis/rotation that is ideal for aerospace technology, IC electronics and medical high technology applications.  It can accommodate workpieces up to 22 x 19 x 5...

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