CNC Precision Teach Lathes

The Kent CNC Precision Teach Lathes Series allows any shop to step up to CNC turning. Its easy to learn teach-in conversational programming enables machinists of any skill level to produce higher quality parts with lower labor costs. These CNC lathes are perfect for machine shops transitioning to CNC and for machine tool technical schools.

The Kent USA CNC Precision Teach Lathes offer you dependable, accurate, high-precision machining with efficient CNC technology. These machines provide maximum accuracy and minimal downtime. Kent USA CNC Precision Series Lathes come in work capacities of 14” x 40” to 22” x 120”, spindle bores of 1.5” to 3.582”, and up to 15 HP of spindle motor.

Anatomy of Our CNC Precision Teach Lathes

Our teach lathes are built with strong, stable, and wider bed way for maximum vibration absorption. The entire bed features outstanding structural rigidity. Dovetailed carriage and cross slide are hardened, high precision ground, coated with Turcite-B and scrape finished to ensure uniform surfaces.

The tailstock is constructed with increased throat depth in tailstock with MT #4 interior taper quill. When utilizing the manual 4-way tool post, electric H4 turret or hydraulic P8 turret, it allows for free cutting of long workpieces. For manual drilling, the quill can be set to zero for drill depth measurement. This teach lathe series can be optionally equipped with a hydraulic quill for forward and reverse movement.


Full CNC Turning Centers for Complex Workpieces

We also offer a full line of CNC Turning Centers under our Kent CNC brand. We offer all sizes of 2-axis, sub-spindle, and mill-turn turning centers for the most complex workpieces.

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