CNC Precision Teach Lathes

New-Acu-Rite-Turnpwr-CNC-Control-Now-AvailableThe Kent CNC Precision Teach Lathes Series allows any shop to step up to CNC turning. Its easy to learn teach-in conversational programming enables machinists of any skill level to produce higher quality parts with lower labor costs. These CNC lathes are perfect for machine shops transitioning to CNC and for machine tool technical schools.

The Kent USA CNC Precision Teach Lathes offer you dependable, accurate, high-precision machining with efficient CNC technology. These machines provide maximum accuracy and minimal downtime. Kent USA CNC Precision Series Lathes come in work capacities of 14” x 40” to 22” x 120”, spindle bores of 1.5” to 3.582”, and up to 15 HP of spindle motor.

Anatomy of Our CNC Precision Teach Lathes

Our teach lathes are built with strong, stable, and wider bed way for maximum vibration absorption. The entire bed features outstanding structural rigidity. Dovetailed carriage and cross slide are hardened, high precision ground, coated with Turcite-B and scrape finished to ensure uniform surfaces.

The tailstock is constructed with increased throat depth in tailstock with MT #4 interior taper quill. When utilizing the manual 4-way tool post, electric H4 turret or hydraulic P8 turret, it allows for free cutting of long workpieces. For manual drilling, the quill can be set to zero for drill depth measurement. This teach lathe series can be optionally equipped with a foot-actuated hydraulic tailstock quill.

Kent USA Acu-Rite TurnPwr for Lathes

Presenting the highly-anticipated TURNPWR – a workshop-oriented turning control that enables the user to program conventional machining operations right at the machine in an easy-to-use conversational programming language. It is designed for turning machine tools with up to two axes.

TURNPWR was developed to satisfy the wants and needs of lathe machinists where manual and automated operation are both useful and needed. TURNPWR promises to enable the user to maximize throughput by significantly reducing set-up time, scrap and other non-productive operations, thereby increasing efficiency, productivity and profitability.

The well-known ACU-RITE conversational programming format for controls is a user-friendly method of writing part programs and included in the TURNPWR, however G-code (ISO) programming can also be used. Basic editing of G-code programs is also possible.

On the new TURNPWR, a 12.1” high-resolution display boasts a screen layout that is clearly arranged and user friendly. Preview graphics in the editor illustrate the individual machining steps for programming the contour as well as the corresponding tool path generated using only dimensions pulled from a production drawing. It also accepts DXF files.

TURNPWR is a closed-loop system with positioning feedback provided by rotary encoders inside the motor assemblies. When fitted with the (optional) ACU-RITE precision glass scales (1 µm/0.00005” resolution), TURNPWR also includes Position-Trac™, an advanced unique feature that enables the user to easily, quickly and accurately re-establish workpiece zero after shutting down or power loss.

Features included as standard:
• 3D graphic simulation with block form
• Conversational programming & G-code
• Extremely easy to use
• Accepts DXF files
• 12.1″ high-resolution display

TURNPWR Technical Data

DRO Mode • Multiple Datums (Fixture Offset): 99
• Zero Reset
• Near Zero Warning
PGM Mode • Thread Cycles, Recess Cycles, Turning Cycles
• Position / Drill, LINE, ARC, BLEND (Blend / Chamfer)
• Estimated Machining Time
• View Graphics: 2D Line / 3D Line / 3D Solid
• Block Form w/ User Override
• Replication (Repeat)
• Comment Step – Event comments
• Program Manager Navigation Tree w/ Program Type Filter
• Long Program Names
• Program Preview: Listing & Graphic w/ Estimated
Machining Time
• Explode Step: Repeat
• Reverse (Step / Path)
• Shift Steps
• Auto Save (Program)
• Program Size Limit (TPT only): 9999 Steps
• DXF File Import
• G-code Program: w/Graphics Support / Simple Edit
• On-Screen Help: User Manual Viewer (Text & Graphics)
• Parts Counter & Clock
• Optional Stop (G-code Only)
• Feed Override: Potentiometer
• Error Compensation: Linear & Bidirectional Non-linear
Processor 1.4 GHz Dual Core Celeron® Processor
Display 12.1-inch 1024 x 768 Color LED
Internal Storage 2.5 GB CFAST (SATA) User
Remote Handwheel Standard with AC kits
Housing Die Cast Metal Bezel & Enclosure (Back Sheet Metal, Kit Style Console)
Connections Ethernet, USB (x2)
Accessories • Linear Feedback
• Electronic Edgefinder
• Offline Software
Weight ~7.7 kg
Electrical Requirements AC 100 V to 240 V (±10 %), 50 Hz to 60 Hz (±2 %)
Operating Temperature 0° to 45º C (32º to 113º F)
Storage Temperature -20º to 70º C (-4º to 158º F)
Protection IP 54 (Front) / IP 40 (Back) (Kit Style Console)

Full CNC Turning Centers for Complex Workpieces

Kent-CNC-Horizontal-Turning-CentersWe also offer a full line of CNC Turning Centers under our Kent CNC brand. We offer all sizes of 2-axis, sub-spindle, and mill-turn turning centers for the most complex workpieces.