Manual Economy Lathes

Kent USA’s value-driven Manual Economy Lathes put the same Kent USA reliability and precision within reach. Our economy lathes offer the same quality engineering and reliability for your regular day-to-day turning. Our engine lathes are offered in work capacities of 13” x 40” to 26” x 120”, spindle bore sizes of 1.5” to 4.12”, and spindle motors of up to 10 HP.

Higher Precision and Larger Size Lathes

If your application requires larger capacities and/or higher precision, 11” x 18” to 44” x 320” work capacities, please see our wider range of Manual Precision Lathes.

For work capacities between 55″ x 80″ to 100″ x 480″ and up to 21″ of spindle bore, please see our Big Bore Lathes.