Drilling and Tapping Machines

The KENT USA DTS Series incorporates both drilling and tapping into one machine. The result:  A 2-in-1 machine that also comes equipped with a built-in Servo motor spindle.  The motor allows for infinitely variable speed adjustment to adapt to any material and drill size. Our Servo motor is designed with synchronous processing capabilities, low RPM, high torque, high efficiency, and low heat generation. This design increases productivity and prolongs the lifespan of drilling and tapping tools.  With these advantages, energy consumption is reduced by over 70%.  A specific chamfering function option is also available at extremely low speeds. This function prolongs the lifespan of chamfering tools. The Servo motor is designed to accommodate machining applications of all production levels while being able to withstand prolonged operating times.

The KENT USA DTS Drilling & Tapping Machines also sport a CE certified multi-functional driver that offers operators a wide range of functionalities as well as flexible settings. This allows for instant switching between drilling and tapping modes via the control interface.

ModelMax Drilling Capacity Steel S45cMax Tapping Capacity Steel S45cSpindle SpeedSpindle TravelSwing
M22 (7/8")
M12 (1/2")
100-1800 rpm (50 Hz, 60 Hz)