Manual Precision Lathes

Kent USA precision lathes are designed for turning medium to heavy workpieces with tighter tolerances. These reliable workhorses feature heavy-duty construction throughout to cut big and heavy workpieces. Our precision lathes are built with a solid full-length casting base. In addition, front-loading chip tray for easier cleaning, adjustable overload feed clutches, and quick reversal feed from apron – all of which come standard.

Dependable and powerful, these highly accurate manual lathes are built for powerful machining and minimal downtime. Kent USA Precision Series Lathes are offered with 11” x 18” to 44” x 320” work capacities, 1.56″ to 12″ spindle bores, and up to 20 HP of spindle motors.

Precision Lathes for Any Application

Our RML and ML-series metalworking lathes come with a full solid cast iron machine base for maximum rigidity. In addition, a front pull-out chip tray for easy maintenance. The ML-series lathe comes with a 3” spindle bore, 2-speed tail stock, and 3-position longitudinal feed stops – it’s the ideal lathe for the demanding workshop.

On the other hand, our TRL-series lathe is catered for smaller turning needs. Its small size combined with a full universal gearbox means the full range of inch and metric threads can be set by just the levers, eliminating the need and hassle of change gears. This model is a favorite with small tool rooms and many technical schools.