Manual Big Bore Lathes

Kent USA’s line of Big Bore Lathes or Oil Country Lathes has the mass, power, and precision to machine heavy-duty jobs. Ideal for turning large workpieces in the oil field industry, these powerful machines can easily accommodate large diameter turning and threading applications. The large swing can be applied to big steel rollers, large diameter flanges, long shafts of ships, etc. These large bore lathes are offered with capacities between 55″ x 80″ to 100″ x 480″ and up to 21″ of spindle bore. Double chuck lathes are also available. All of our large bore lathes are backed by our 15-month warranty.

Anatomy of Our Big Bore Lathes

All of our large oil country lathes are equipped with a single piece bed and base design for extra rigidity. They are also equipped with a 3rd rail support for enhanced cutting force. In addition, the locating pin-locking style 4-way tool post allows for easy swiveling but also ensures the rigidity in cutting. Auto lubricating system for slide ways also comes standard for extra longevity and precision. Kent USA big bore lathes may also be equipped with double chucks at both sides of the headstock. In addition, rotary quill option on tailstocks is also available for better workpiece clamping.

Looking for CNC Large Bore Turning Centers?

Kent-CNC--Large-Bore-Horizontal-Turning-Center-2The Kent CNC Heavy Duty Boring Turning Center Series provides 2 excellent configurations for heavy duty turning for large parts. This series is equipped with big hollow bores ideal for large diameter pipe-type work. The Kent CNC Large Bore Turning Center Series features up to 400 inches of bed, 12 inches in spindle bore diameter, and over 15,000 lbs of turning capacity.