Sinker Type EDM

Kent USA Sinker EDMs have 3D capabilities and are ideal for mold making, micro hole drilling, creating shapes in fully-hardened metal components, and machining washers, keyways, scientific research apparatuses and more. They are used for creating more complex geometries with a high degree of accuracy. Because there is no direct contact between the electrode and the material, our Sinker EDMs can burn through any electrically conductive material without inducing stress into or deforming the workpiece. Kent USA Sinker Type EDMs offer tank sizes from 33.4″ x 20.9″ x 13.4″ to 66.9″ x 39.4″ x 21.7″, power of 30A to 90A, and up to 4400 lbs of max load. All Kent USA Sinker EDMs are backed by our 15-month warranty.