Motiv Space Systems: Out of this World Manufacturing

Jul 10, 2018
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At Kent USA, we take great pride in the quality and level of service we provide to our customers. Our customers have expressed their opinions on the machine tools we offer:


Scott Vanderzyl, Principal Manufacturing Engineer at Motiv Space Systems, purchased four of our machines and has this to say:

“We have a unique and broad combination of capabilities and offerings across the entire motion control and robotics arenas but packaged in a small business environment. This allows us to stay very nimble while still providing highly critical customized solutions for extremely challenging applications. We make tube sections for the robotic arm for the Mars Mission on our Kent USA CNC CSM-1440 lathe as well as custom match machining for all of the actuators and mechanisms.

We chose Kent USA because at my previous company, we had used Kent USA machinery for similar applications and it worked very well. We have had our machines for about two years.

The lathes and bed mills we purchased from Kent USA allow us to help our vendors who may have problems or difficulties with their parts, and we will help them by making or remaking their parts for them, such as their robotic arms using the CSM-1440 CNC Lathe. In addition to that, each motor actuator gets match machined to the other components. All of that work is done in-house.”

Kent USA CSM-1440NC opened door

In addition, Scott also says that they are very happy with the machines they purchased from us and that they work very well. In particular, he finds, “they are value-based and very easy-to-use. The controls on the machines are easy to find and user-friendly.”

— Scott Vanderzyl
Principal Manufacturing Engineer
Motiv Space Systems
Pasadena, CA

Motiv Space Systems strives to deliver the best motion control and robotics solutions in the industry. With years of experience from building orbiting satellites, to rovers on Mars they have a team of unique and passionate people, dedicated to deliver the best.

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