Production Bandsaws: The Must-Have for Metalworkers

Apr 26, 2024
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Looking for a fast, accurate way to slice bar stock into machine-ready blanks? How about angled cuts on structural steel and iron? Need to cut up some bundled material? Look no further than production bandsaws. Ideal for any sawing job, these versatile machines are the workhorse for material prep.

A Quick Bandsaw History Lesson

You can thank William Newberry. In 1808, the Englishman received a patent for his vertical bandsaw design. However, it would be many decades before his device became viable. That’s because the steels needed to make continuous blades common to all bandsaws were not yet available. Sorry William. Great idea, but back to the drawing board.
Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandsaw

The Basics of Production Bandsaws

As noted, Newberry’s bandsaw had a vertical design. These have their place, but production bandsaws typically use a horizontal arrangement. This makes it easier to process long pieces of metal, such as bar stock and structural steel. Production bandsaws also have a built-in coolant sump to keep the blade cool and remove chips. Some, like this W-1318Sfrom Kent USA, have a swiveling head.


Others are dual-column for increased rigidity, such as the WD-2028A. All have a cast iron body for added stability. In addition, a powerful motor and extra-wide blade ensure maximum accuracy.

KENT USA WD-2028 Production Bandsaw-1

The Production Bandsaws Checklist

For those in the market for a new machine, here are some things to look for. Modern production bandsaws have a digital blade speed readout and variable speed. No more messing with pulleys. A tension gauge helps to avoid over- or under-tightening the blade. So does a hydraulic tensioner. Both not only extend blade life, but improve cut accuracy. Similarly, a hydraulic vise delivers no-slip material security. Features like auto-height setting and a length encoder increase throughput. A touch screen simplifies usage. Lastly, look for a builder who will stand behind their product for years to come. That’s KENT USA®. We know bandsaws.

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