Why KENT USA® Machines are the Go-To Choice for Technical Schools

Apr 19, 2023
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Why KENT USA® Machines are the Go-To Choice for Technical Schools


As technical education continues to evolve, the need for advanced and reliable equipment becomes increasingly important. Technical schools are tasked with preparing students for successful careers in a variety of industries, and hands-on learning is a critical component of that preparation. KENT USA® machines have emerged as a go-to choice for technical schools due to their durability, functionality, and advanced features. Educational institutions such as the University of Dayton and Laramie County Community College have invested in KENT USA® machines to provide their students with practical experience using high-quality equipment that will prepare them for successful careers. In this article, we will explore why KENT USA® machines are the preferred choice for technical schools and how they can benefit both educators and students.


Industry Standard Machines

KENT USA® machines have become the go-to choice for technical schools due to them being equipped with industry-standard features right out of the box. These machines are also designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, as proven by our 24,000+ machines sold outside of educational institutions, making them an excellent investment for educational institutions that need reliable equipment that can handle the demands of hands-on learning.


Case Studies

University of Dayton (Dayton, OH)

At the University of Dayton, KENT USA® machines are noted for their durability, allowing students to gain valuable experience using high-quality equipment that will prepare them for successful careers in a variety of industries. The University of Dayton has invested in several KENT USA® machines, including a KENT USA® KTM-5VKF CNC mill KGS Grinders, and SSM-1340 precision lathes, to give students hands-on experience with advanced machine tools.



Laramie County Community College (Cheyenne, WY)

Similarly, Laramie County Community College chose KENT USA® machines because of their functionality. The machines offer superior safety features and technologies that allow students to gain practical experience using the latest tools and techniques in their respective fields. Students at LCCC are trained with the most commonly sold KENT USA® machines such as RML-1640 lathes and KTM-3VKF knee mills, which provide them with hands-on experience with advanced technologies and practices.


University of North Texas (Denton, TX)

Although Wire Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM) are commonly associated with precision tool and die machining, it is important to recognize that this manufacturing technology has various other applications beyond trim dies, blanking punches, and jig boring quality hole finishing. At the University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton, researchers utilize Wire EDM to support their investigations into the metallurgical properties of multiple novel machining and fabricating processes, including 3D printing. The specific machine used for these purposes is the WSi-200 Wire-Cut Submerge Type EDM from KENT USA®. The primary functions of this machine at UNT are to cut material samples for testing and to separate 3D-printed parts from build plates.


Mountainland Technical College (Lehi, UT)

The 16-month Precision Machining Program at MTECH is geared toward producing skilled machinists. The college’s goal is to produce workforce-ready students by training them in the operation of lathes, milling machines, and grinders. The program equips these future machinists with the hands-on experience necessary to create well-known products such as anti-lock brakes, hydraulic parts, automobile pistons, and orthopedic implants.

While developing their passion for precision, these MTECH students gain crucial skills such as blueprint reading, shop mathematics, and machine tool operation and selection. Trainees also receive training in the setup, programming, and safe operation of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines. Additionally, students acquire essential knowledge of Computer-Aided Manufacturing Software—preparing them well for a seamless transition into the manufacturing industry workforce while facilitating career advancement.

KENT USA® machines have become the preferred choice for technical schools due to their durability and functionality. The institutions mentioned in this article have invested in KENT USA® machines, recognizing their value in preparing students for successful careers. These machines offer workforce-ready features and technologies that provide students with the practical experience needed to succeed in a variety of industries. By investing in KENT USA® machines, educational institutions can equip their students with the tools they need to succeed in the workforce.

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