Mountainland Technical College and KENT USA®: Precision Machining Program Training

Apr 25, 2023
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KENT USA® and Mountainland Technical College (MTECH) have enjoyed a longstanding partnership. For some time now, KENT USA® has supplied high-quality machines for the first-rate Precision Machining Program at the Lehi, Utah campus. These machines play a critical role in the success of the program—enabling students to acquire practical knowledge and skills in essential areas such as shop mathematics, blueprint reading, and machine tool operation and selection.

Mountainland Technical College: Precision Machining Program

The 16-month Precision Machining Program at MTECH is geared toward producing skilled machinists. The college’s goal is to produce workforce-ready students by training them in the operation of lathes, milling machines, and grinders. The program equips these future machinists with the hands-on experience necessary to create well-known products such as anti-lock brakes, hydraulic parts, automobile pistons, and orthopedic implants.

While developing their passion for precision, these MTECH students gain crucial skills such as blueprint reading, shop mathematics, and machine tool operation and selection. Trainees also receive training in the setup, programming, and safe operation of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines. Additionally, students acquire essential knowledge of Computer-Aided Manufacturing Software—preparing them well for a seamless transition into the manufacturing industry workforce while facilitating career advancement.

Adding a Sinker Type EDM to the Lineup

Along the lines of continuing this collaboration, KENT USA® recently provided MTECH with a new KEB-606N Sinker Type EDM.

This new EDM is an addition to the existing lineup of KENT USA® machines in MTECH’s solid roster, which includes five TRL-1340 Precision Lathes, one KGS-818AH Surface Grinders, and one KVR-2418A Vertical Machining Center. To ensure correct machine setup and supply the expertise necessary for instructors to be able to best teach their students, KENT USA® dispatched a seasoned Technical Support Engineer to provide thorough setup and training.

MountainLand Technical College and KENT USA Row of 5 TRL-1340 Manual Precision Lathes

MountainLand Technical College and KENT USA KGS-818AH Surface Grinder

MountainLand Technical College and KENT USA KVR-2418A Vertical Machining Center


Hands-On Training and Support

Our engineer began the training with an overview of the KEB-606N machine—emphasizing its unique features and capabilities, strengths, safety and how it aligns with the goals of the broader Precision Machining Program curriculum. He followed by providing in-depth training with regard to the fundamental functions of the machine. The instructors were trained through the process of machine setup and operation as well as in how to best offer hands-on direction to their students. The training encompassed crucial topics such as electrode selection, dielectric fluid selection, and machine maintenance. Finally, our engineer provided basic troubleshooting guidance—helping the instructors identify and address common issues that could arise during machine operation. Best practices were also discussed with the aim of avoiding such issues and ensuring optimal machine performance over time.

MountainLand Technical College and KENT USA -1

Better-Equipped Students for the Future

The result of our Tech Support Engineer’s visit? The instructors at MTECH gained confidence in their ability to teach students how to use the new KEB-606N machine effectively. Confident instructors make for better-equipped students. With this valuable addition to their machining program, students at MTECH will have more opportunities before them to acquire the needed practical experience to thrive in the manufacturing industry. The growing demand for machinists shows no sign of slowing. Whether it will be as machine operators, tool and die makers, mold makers, quality inspectors, machine assemblers, machine tool designers, CNC programmers, field service representatives, machinists or beyond—MTECH students will be job-ready.

MountainLand Technical College and KENT USA -1


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