What’s Special about Kent USA Surface Grinders with SD Control?

Oct 05, 2017

Some Kent USA surface grinders are available with the SD control option. This adds more capabilities to your grinder that contribute to more ease of use and efficiency. Watch the video for more information.


  1. Stringent European CE certified electrics.
  2. Proportional Valve hydraulic system with proximity sensors for safe, responsive, and quiet operation. Table speed infinitely variable from 3.3’/minute to 83’/minute.
  3. PLC control for easy setting of reversal limits on control panel.
  4. Z-axis driven by Microprocessor controlled NC system servo motors with precision glass scale close loop feedback.
  5. Three main mode of Z axis control:
    1. Automatic mode. Automatic mode can be broken down into surface grinding and plunge grinding modes.  Just enter total stock removal amount, rough grinding step and amount, finish grinding step and amount, number of spark out cycle and the machine will cycle through.  After automatic cycle, the table will park on left side and the grinding wheel comes to rest at one of three selected positions.  (Finish position, Reference Z zero position, or predetermined amount above reference Z zero)
    2. Manual mode. Rapid and quarter speed rapid up and down pushbuttons.  Pulse mode allows for single step or jog stepping of set downfeed amount.
    3. Manual pulse generator (Electronic handwheel) mode. Can select *1, *10, or *20 steps.

See more specifications in our SGS-1640SD Surface Grinder product page.

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