• The major machine parts are manufactured from high-quality cast iron (FC30) for maximum structural stability, and heat treated for maximum deformation reduction and equipment longevity.
  • The column slideways surfaces are hardened and precision ground to ensure high accuracy. The vertical travel is transmitted through a precision ball screw, combined with counter-balance weight for outstanding vertical feed accuracy and motion stability.
  • The spindle is directly driven by a motor and is dynamically balanced. It runs on high-precision bearings for longer service life and high-quality grinding.
  • The table is driven by a hydraulic motor combined with the use of a throttle valve providing variable table running speed.
  • The cooling system is equipped with two motors: One for delivering cutting fluid and the other is used for flushing workpieces on the table. The cooling system employs a magnetic dust separator to keep fluid clean and ensure smooth circulation.
  • Fully enclosed splash guard effectively avoids dust and cooling fluid splashing.



Specification CHS-V600ACHS-V800A
Rotary Magnetic Chuck Diameter 23.6” 31.5”
Load of Rotary Table 485 lbs 882 lbs
Distance of Table Surface to Spindle Surface 15.4” 21.7”
Speed of Rotary Table 5-60 RPM 5-30 RPM
Table Motor 2 HP 5 HP
Max Grinding Radius 14.17” 21.7”
Spindle Speed 1150 rpm 720 rpm
Wheel Size (Dia. X Width X Bore) 2” x 1” x 4.7" (10 pcs) 2” x 1” x 4.7" (10 pcs)
Spindle Motor 10 hp 30 hp
Z Travel 1.34 HP 19.7 HP
Z Feed Rate 0~11.8”/min 0~11.8”/min
Z Motor AC servo 1 hp AC servo 1 hp
Y Travel 15.7” 19.7”
Y Feed Rate 0~39.4” 0~39.4”
Y Motor 1 hp 2 hp
Floor Space 78.7” x 59” x 82.7” 104” x 72” x 92”
Weight 7936 lbs 14330 lbs


Standard Accessories

Standard Accessories

  • Electromagnetic chuck
  • Segment grinding wheel
  • Diamond dresser with base
  • Working lamp
  • Toolbox with tools

Optional Accessories

  • 200L Coolant tank
  • 1/4 HP pump
  • Magnetic separator
  • Paper filter

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