• Roller ball on linear table ways for easy and smooth longitudinal movements
  • Ultra-high super rigid H-frame column with 21” spindle center to table for more clearance under the wheel than any other machine in its class
  • Flange-mount 3.35” diameter spindle cartridge design provides unmatched heavy grinding with superior side-grinding rigidity
  • Large metal hand wheels on all axis for long lasting dependability and easy operation
  • Over 2400 pound net weight, almost twice as massive as our competition
  • Centralized one-shot lubrication system provides lubrication to all points
  • Safety 24V control circuit power

Additional information

Working Capacity

6" x 18"

Table Travel


Saddle Travel



1 x 9/16"

Spindle Motor

2 HP

Spindle Speed

3450 RPM

Grinding Wheel

8” x 1” x 1-1/4”

Vertical Graduation


Vertical Revolution


Spindle to Table


Net Weight

2400 lbs

Gross Weight

2600 lbs